An Audiobook from Writer John Green

The Fault in Our Stars tells of the inspiring love that develops between Hazel and Gus, two cancer patients in their teens.

Hazel has been sick since she was a young child. She has learned to live with her circumstances – a life that revolves around her loving and dedicated parents, a life defined by a dependency on an oxygen tank which she has to bring with her all over the place.

She is hesitant to enter into a relationship with Gus – considering her uncertain future. Gus, however, with his strong love for life and what it offers, is able to knock down her reservations.
The relationship between Gus and Hazel grows despite obvious deterrents. One significant experience which provides them the occasion to get to know each other more deeply is the opportunity to meet with Peter Van Houten, the author of Hazel’s favourite book, an Imperial Affection.

The meeting turns out to be a disaster – from a certain point of view. The author turns out to be obnoxious – too caught up in his own pains, unable to respond to the two teenagers need for answers regarding the book he has written. But the occasion also allows Hazel and Gus to grow in their knowledge of and love for each other.

This love is tested to its limits. Gus finds out that his days are short-lived; his cancer has revisited – and this time, things are really bad. Hazel and Gus try to make the best of their situation, enjoying each other’s company, bolstering up each other’s morale, grappling with Gus’ physical pains.

When Gus finally dies, Hazel finds out that he has left her a letter – a letter which he has asked Peter to go over and rewrite for him. Peter attends Gus funeral – still his old insufferable self. Hazel gains insight into why Peter is the way he is.

Hazel reads Gus letter – in its original form. Peter has apparently found it best to leave it as is. And she realizes that, in spite of losing Gus, she is pleased that she has taken the risk and chosen to allow him into her life.

This romantic and inspiring love story is also presented in digital forms. The Fault in Our Stars audiobook narrated by john green continues to develop a wide following. Fans seem particularly strongly attracted to the story as presented through the audio book.

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